A complete line of dryers from 1-3000 pounds per hour in different configurations and capabilities, Dri-Air is the once source you need for all of your drying applications



Dri-Air’s exclusive on demand virgin and regrind drying / blending systems eliminate waste of pre-mixed materials while providing a superior mix!


Central Drying and Conveying

From one press to multiple from one material to many, Dri-Air has the custom solution for your central drying and conveyance needs



Our SmartTouch controls are OPC/UA or Modbus ready for Industry 4.0! .

Since 1974, Dri-Air has supplied the industry with proven desiccant dryer technology, offering the highest quality at competitive pricing. Our strong attention to detail and incredible response time has helped us sell thousands of drying systems for plastic pellets worldwide. We offer solutions to a range of industries from simple to complex applications. We specialize in custom solutions and offer standard systems from 5 to 750 pounds per hour.

Whether it is changing the desiccant in your dryer or replacing a heater, our innovative design saves you time. Both the desiccant beds and process/regeneration heaters can be accessed by removing band clamps that hold the extension body and top and bottom cones together. Our 2-bed and 4-bed desiccant towers are constructed of stainless steel inside and out. (2-Bed shown)


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