Central Drying and Loading Systems

Central Drying Systems

Dri-Air CDA stands are modular hopper stands that bolt together for a centralized drying system. Stands include heater and blower packages to assure a constant stream of low dewpoint air to the hoppers, with hopper capacities from 30 – 5000 pound hoppers with dryers from 10 – 5000 pounds per hour.

Control Systems

Dri-Air offers a complete range of Central System controllers from fixed single station controllers to expandable controllers with multiple HMI displays and IPad interfaces.

Central Dust Collectors

Central dust collectors provide easy filter cleaning on central systems will protecting pumps from dust and contaminates.

Manifolds and Material Selectors

A cornerstone to any material handling system, quick material selection manifolds allow for multiple materials to multiple destinations. Manifolds are easily expanded for future growth and are available with Auto ID for fool proof material selection.

Valves and Accessories

Purge valves, proportional valves, external line valves provide you with the accessories you need to complete your material handling system.

Rail Car Unloaders and Storage Silos

Typically located outside, Railcar unloaders pull material from a railcar or other similar source towards an transition cyclone then into a silo. Silos quickly pay for themselves in reduced material costs and eliminate the storage and excessive handling of Gaylords

Central Conveyance – all in one pump, filter & controls

Dri-Air’s all in one pump packages combines a powerful regenerative vacuum pump, bag filter with blowback and 10 station control panel on one compact floor frame for easy installation and minimal floor space.