Why Dri-Air?

Dri-Air specializes in the design and manufacture of compressed air and desiccant dryers for plastic pellets. It is our only focus.

Since 1974, Dri-Air has supplied the industry with proven desiccant dryer technology, offering the highest quality at competitive pricing. Our strong attention to detail and incredible response time has helped us sell thousands of drying systems for plastic pellets worldwide. We offer solutions to a range of industries from simple to complex applications. We specialize in custom solutions and offer standard systems from 5 to 750 pounds per hour.

Why do Dri-Air dryers perform so well?
It’s our in depth understanding and expertise of the four major elements to successful drying of plastic resin. These key elements are:

  • Temperature – our hopper design assures accurate and uniform temperatures throughout the hopper
  • Air Flow – Dri-Air dryers are sized for 1 CFM per pound per hour while wheel dryers are sized for .6 CFM per hour – more airflow means faster drying of all materials, not just polycarbonate so you can dry todays and tomorrow’s materials! You will also save 40-50% on your energy bills thanks to our exclusive single blower design
  • Dew Point – with dewpoints down to –131ºF, you can be confident that our standard and high performance drying systems dry even the most demanding materials to spec, regardless of ambient conditions
  • Residence Time – our unique advantage in airflow, temperature, and extremely low dewpoint assures the shortest drying times in the industry (as low as 20 minutes!) – faster drying times for quicker startups and changeovers saving you money!

And why do customers keep coming back?
It’s our unwavering commitment to provide energy efficient dryers that effectively dry yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s materials that ensure our customer satisfaction.

Our innovative systems offer a full range of solutions for drying, blending and conveying virgin, regrind and plastic colorants. From our exclusive, patented high performance 4-bed design for faster drying with no moving parts to our full flow electric dryer valve and advanced dryer control. Our U.S. built systems will provide you with years of trouble-free service.