Floor Mount Dryers

FM Series dryer connect to press/extruder mounted drying hoppers or are used with multi-hopper bank systems. Dryers range in size from 10 to 1000 pounds per hour with an energy efficient design that uses 30 – 50% less energy than wheel dryers with no moving parts!

Portable Desiccant Dryers

From 2 pounds per hour to 300 – Portable dryers eliminate press & extruder mounted drying hoppers by combining the dryer, hopper and closed loop conveyance system on a portable cart for fast, safe material changes. A JIT receiver is the only press / extruder mounted component.


Crystallizers provide trouble-free conversion of amorphous PET resin into a crystallized form, in preparation for drying

Dual Hopper Portable Dryers

H-PDII Series, one dryer and two hoppers provide maximum flexibility for quick material changes and two-shot presses/extruders.

Hopper Mount Dryers

Hopper mount dryers include the dryer and drying hopper for press / extruder mounted drying solutions conserving valuable floor space from 2 – 45 pounds per hour.


Mini Dryers – Desiccant, Compressed Air & Nitrogen

Mini Dryers are available in Desiccant, Compressed air or Nitrogen for throughput capacities from ½ ounce to 10 pounds per hour. Mini dryers are capable of drying the most demanding medical and engineering materials for Extrusion, Micro Molding and Lab Applications.

Available with 5, 15 & 30 pound capacity drying hoppers

Multi-Hopper Bank System

Available in a wide varieties of sizes and configurations – multiple hopper banks are ideal for drying / pre-drying materials or for small central systems

Multiple Hopper Bank 6

Hot Air Systems

HA Series for non-hygroscopic resins range in size from 25 to 1500 lbs/hr.

Compressed Air System – Single Hopper

Compressed air dryers are desiccant free using your shop air to dry material. Our Dri-Pak membrane assures -40F dry air to the drying hopper. Space saving hopper mount and off the press portable series are available from 1 – 20 pounds per hour.

Drying Hoppers

Stainless steel insulated drying hoppers from 5 – 2000 pound capacity – hoppers feature laser cut access doors, adjustable fill windows and hoppers designed to dry all the resin in the hopper, down to the slide gate.

Description of Options

Water-coolers, plasticizer traps, temperature setback and more options for dryer and hoppers.

Closed Loop Dri-Air Loading Systems

Dri-Air’s closed loop loader conveys material with Dry-Air preventing moisture regain of your most moisture sensitive materials!