Compressed Air System – Single Hopper

CAHM series are compact, lightweight desiccant free dryers that can easily fit on most press’s freeing up valuable floor space. The CAHM series operate on your plant’s compressed air with our Dri- pack membrane for dewpoints down to -49F.

  • Simple, straightforward operation – simply set the drying temperature
  • Compact enough to fit on most machines without special bracing or adapters
  • Perfect for R & D applications

System Features:

  • The CAHM is self contained drying system that easily mounts on most machines.
  • Using a steady supply of clean, dehumidified compressed air @ 100 psi, the standard unit will provide dewpoints down to 0 dewpoint with an incoming compressed air of 40ºF dewpoint (-40ºF achievable with optional Dri-pack).
  • The easy-to-use controls include process and actual temperatures and a high temperature alarm.
  • The CAHM has a wide temperature range of 70ºF to 350ºF without the need of after-coolers.
  • Drying hoppers on the CAHM series are stainless steel and include insulation, blank feed throat adapter, drain port, slide gate and manual fill lid.
  • On the CAHM-2’s 60 pound hopper, a laser cut access door and full length sight glass are also included.
  • The CAHM’s Dri-Pack provides the dryer with –40ºF dewpoint air, enabling you to dry all types of resin. Included with the Dri-Pack is a super fine filter that filters your compressed air prior to the membrane.
  • Designed for trouble free, reliable operation, the membrane comes standard with a three year warranty. Scheduled maintenance is reduced as moving parts have been eliminated.
Dri-Air Model Hopper Capacity Heater kw Dimensions
CAHM-1 30 pounds 1.25 20″ (w) x 28″ (h)
CAHM-2 60 pounds 2.00 20″ (w) x 40″ (h)

Available power: 110 or 220 volts, 1 phase, for 1 series, 220 volts 1 phase only for CAHM-2 series Compressed air requirement 100 PSI, of clean 40F dewpoint air @ 1.5 –2.5 SCFM. Specifications subject to change without notice.