Complete ROI in only 14 months!

Dri-Air Industries
07 March 18
Schmit Prototypes, of Menomonie, WI provides manufacturing services in prototype & production volumes. With customers across the nation Schmit Prototypes is well known for providing quality work and customer service in the following areas: design, 3D printing, urethane & silicone cast molding, CNC milling & turning, aluminum & steel inj. tooling, injection molding, and various finishing services including painting.
Three years ago Schmit Prototypes installed the Dri-Air Industries hopper bank drying system, which has simplified and improved their processing. “Being a custom molder we tend to do a lot of mold/material changeovers, having resin readily dry and available is crucial to our success in meeting our customers’ demands,” said Steve Upton, President. 
Some additional benefits they experience are:
  • Faster changeover as resin is pre-dried and ready to go
  • More workspace by removing the portable dryers away from the molding machines;
  • We use less energy, both in drying material and cooling our molding department;
  • More consistent parts with controlled material;
  • Less waste, both in raw material and finished goods;
  • Labor savings with both set up and change over.
The company did a cost study on the savings the Dri-Air Hopper Bank System has provided, and determined that they made a complete return on investment within 14 months of installing the system. 
Come see for yourself!
Visit us at NPE where we can show you how our hopper banks will pay for themselves. See the hopper bank on display at NPE Dri-Air Booth # W971