Dri-Air Introduces NEW 1500 FM Large Dryer

Dri-Air Industries
02 June 17


Reduces energy usage by 25% compared to previous industry-lowest usage

Dri-Air Industries has recently introduced a new dryer model, the 1500 FM that expands the Dri-Air line of large desiccant dryers.   The new 1500 FM is based on Dri-Air’s successful 750 FM design while using larger towers and blowers for use with central drying systems and extruders that have outputs of up to 1500 pounds per hour.   With a compact footprint of 30 square feet, the 1500 FM continues Dri-Air’s reputation for the smallest footprints in the dryer industry.

A new regeneration air flow design for the 1500 FM reduces the previous energy usage level, already the industry’s lowest, by an additional 25%. Dry air is used for regeneration or cool down of desiccant towers, allowing for -80 or lower Fahrenheit dew points, unmatched by any other available design.   The unique regeneration valve with positive sealing is positioned in such a way that it can easily be seen for quick troubleshooting without removing any dryer panels.

All external panels are hinged for quick access to internal components. To conserve space, the panels can be slipped off their hinges at will.   The high pressure fan reduces the ambient noise level to less than 70 dB and allows the dryer to operate at very low process temperatures to accommodate resins such as PLA.

The 1500 FM has Dri-Touch controls that display the important operating parameters on a highly visible 7-inch touch screen.   The menu screen provides immediate access to all settings and other parameters needed for setup and trouble shooting.

Contact Dri-Air Industries for more information at 860-627-5110 or sales@dri-air.com. www.dri-air.com