Dri-Air Makes a Difference

Dri-Air Industries
14 August 17

Since 1974, Dri-Air Industries has made a difference to the plastics industry.   Dri-Air’s constant focus on detail and incredible response time has resulted in a broad product line that meets the needs of the world’s best customers.

Dri-Air milestones over the past 43 years have come to define the evolving standards of the dryer industry.   As the world leader in compressed air and desiccant drying technology, Dri-Air has pioneered innovations in ten separate areas:

  • Dri-Air introduced the first low dewpoint dryer – 100 degrees F.
  • Dri-Air adopted microprocessor control using T/C inputs for energy savings.
  • Dri-Air produced the first portable dryer/hopper systems.
  • Dri-Air was the first manufacturer to provide 10 cfm desiccant dryers and associated hoppers.
  • Dri-Air introduced closed-loop dry air conveying systems.
  • Dri-Air patented a high performance dryer for humid conditions.
  • Dri-Air developed dual hopper performance dryers for quick changes.
  • Dri-Air adapted hopper banks for quick material changes.
  • Dri-Air pioneered the adjustable filling of hoppers to match throughout the mix.
  • Dri-Air invented new blending systems for dried materials.

The Dri-Air commitment always has been to provide the world’s best customers with the newest and most efficient technology for any material drying and conveying application. From your silo, Gaylord or bag, Dri-Air will employ the best lean manufacturing techniques to dry and convey your materials to your processes in the most effective manner.   Dri-Air has incorporated the most advanced blending technology, touch screen PLC conveying and other digital advancements to build a system totally customized for your application.   Try us first as the problems solvers for your next plant expansion or upgrade.

Dri-Air is currently expanding our East Windsor, Connecticut headquarters manufacturing facility by 50% to accommodate growing demand.   All Dri-Air equipment is made in the United States.

The Dri-Air guarantee is that you will be pleased with the equipment you purchase, that it will last for years to come, and that our highly experienced staff will be ready any day, every day to answer and trouble-shoot any questions you may about our equipment before or after purchase.   We want to make a difference.