Dri-Air’s Crystalizing Dryer

Dri-Air Industries
05 April 21
Dri-Air’s popular hopper bank has been the answer for many processors who need to dry multiple batches of resins for small runs / lab applications and production requirements.
For processors who would like to crystalize small batches of PET and other amorphous resins, Dri-Air has integrated a closed loop dry-air recirculating system into the hopper bank allowing for crystallizing and drying of multiple batches of materials.
Complete flexibility is designed into the system so that temperatures, hold times and recirculating times can be custom tailored for each hopper. This allows you to crystalize different types of materials for multiple batch processing.
A unique feature of the Dri-Air crystalizing system is that the resin is crystalized and dried with the same desiccant dryer that is used to supply dry air to the hopper bank. Eliminating the need to dry the resin in a separate dryer after crystalizing has occurred saves time and effort. Simply switch the system to drying mode and the resin in the hopper will be dried to the correct moisture levels.
Because this option is available on the hopper bank platform, you are able to dry crystalized resin in some of the hoppers while crystalizing resins in the other hoppers!
Many hopper sizes and quantities are available, please contact Dri-Air for more details.