*NEW* Trade UP Program – get the most up-to-date drying solutions

Dri-Air Industries
26 April 21


         Go from this….                                                                                              …to this!

Dri-Air has teamed up with a used equipment dealer to set up a new Trade UP program on older dryers for the purchase of new drying equipment. This program allows you to capture the value of your older dryers and ensure you have the best, most up-to-date, drying equipment for your applications. 

Dryers can be Dri-Air dryers or other competitive model dryers that you want to replace. 

This Trade UP program will be run through Dri-Air so we serve as your single point of contact for the transaction.  The trade in value of your used equipment will be deducted from the price of the new dryer to make the transaction as seamless as possible. 

Why did we offer this program?

We have 5000 + dryers out in the field that have control systems that we can no longer source new components for. While there are options available to repair these boards and keep the dryers in operation, new components are not available. We want to offer our customers a better solution and a great way to get new drying technology.  You get value for your old dryers while benefitting from the upgrade to newer technology, OPC/UA communications, greater energy efficiency, “right sizing” the equipment,  expanding material capabilities and more!

What do we need to get started?

Simply provide us with the following information:

  • Serial number of the equipment
  • Photos of the dryer – including inside the control box if possible
  • Any loaders / receivers with the dryer ?
  • Is the equipment running ?
  • Location of dryers and can they be loaded on a truck

How does the program work?

After we receive the trade in information:

  • We will provide you with a value of the trade in
  • Quote the new dryer with a deduction for the trade in value
  • Upon acceptance of the offer, we will ship the new dryer to you and provide return labels to send the trade in back to us
  • You can re use the skid from the new dryer to re pack the old dryer
  • Our logistics company will contact you directly to arrange pick up at our cost

Get our latest control technology! 

Trade UP Program FAQs

Q: Can customers get cash value or credit for their used dryers without purchasing new equipment?

A: No

Q: Can we trade in non Dri-Air dryers?

A: Yes

Q: Will Dri-Air rebuild the old dryers with a new SmartTouch control?

A: When freight, labor and components are added up its not justifiable – please contact Dri-Air for more information. 

Q: What dryers are good candidates for this program?

A: Cam Timer machines 1987- 1990 with separate RKC temperature controllers for each hopper 

82071 Original Microprocessor control 1990 – 2004 

UDC Control – motherboard based controller 2004 – 2015 

ADC Control motherboard based controller 2004 – present


Please contact us at sales@dri-air.com for more information.