Silicone Plastics, Inc. Depends on Dri-Air Products for Best Reliability and Performance

Dri-Air Industries
25 February 19

Silicone Plastics, Inc., the leading custom plastics molding company in the Utah/Idaho/Wyoming tri-state local area, has been serving more than 100 customer companies with injection molding, tool shop and fulfillment services since 1991.   From the beginning, Silicone Plastics has relied on Dri-Air Industries’ Compressed Air and Desiccant Drying technology to provide precision custom molding to its customers.

All 15 of Silicone Plastics’ molding machines are supported by Dri-Air Dryers. According to Brett Hadfield, President of Silicone Plastics, “We buy the best, most reliable, best performing equipment for all of our operations. We measure these results by minimal down-time and breakdowns. In the 13 years that I have been here, we have had very few issues with Dri-Air products. And when there is an issue, Dri-Air service people are here within a few hours to solve any problems.   A few of the Dri-Air dryers have been in use here since the very early years of Silicone Plastics, and they do their job supporting our total customer satisfaction goals every day. “

Mr. Hadfield said that his company has just embarked on a five-year growth plan to double the output of the company. “I have every expectation that we will be able to rely on Dri-Air to help get us to that level,” he added.

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