SmartView Desktop App Controls multiple dryers without walking the plant floor

Dri-Air Industries
28 January 21

Dri-Air is pleased to announce the latest innovation in dryer control – the SmartView Desktop App. This web-based application connects a companies’ dryers through each dryer’s unique IP address. It allows control over multiple dryers – from just one screen – without any need to walk the plant floor.  

Available with the SmartTouch controlled dryers, the SmartView Desktop App puts the control of all dryers from one central location; showing dryer status, dewpoint, hopper status, regeneration status and the dryer IP address. From this one screen operators are able to start and stop dryers, set hopper temperatures on single and dual hooper portable dryers and even customize names for each of the individual dryers.

Dri-Air Industries had previously introduced the SmartTouch controls with Industry 4.0 communications in early 2020. The SmartTouch controller features a 7” color touch screen with easy-to-use prompts for temperature, time and dewpoint display. It comes standard on the HP series dryers, dual hopper dryers and optional on the 2 bed, Arid-X dryers. SmartTouch features include:

  • -49 ̊ F dewpoint monitor
  • 7 day timer for automatic start and stops
  • Diagnostic functions with trending for temperatures and dewpoint
  • Resin Library – build your own resin library for quick set ups
  • OPC-UA open platform for maximum connectivity
  • Available WIFI Connectivity – cut the cord! And use WIFI to transmit dryer information to a host computer
  • Available Ethernet connectivity Hub

Contact Dri-Air Industries for more information at 860-627-5110 or