ADC – Advanced Dryer Control

The new ADC (Advanced Dryer Control) was introduced for optimum operation of the dryer with user-friendly menus.

The easy-to-see alphanumeric display indicates all operating parameters and leads the operator through a menu driven program for all settings and information. All fault conditions are shown on the display in a format that is easy to understand.

  • Temperature setback option prevents over-drying and degradation of material caused by excessive residence time in the hopper.
  • As with earlier designs, the ADC is driven by thermocouples strategically located in the towers, hoppers, and other locations to properly control the operation of the dryer. Temperature-based regeneration eliminates temperature spikes associated with time-based regeneration.
  • The newly implemented event log captures all operating parameters for quick diagnosis.

System Features:

  • Dew point readout down to -49ºF
  • Easy setting of process temperature
  • Blower rotation detection
  • Set start and stop times daily
  • Monitoring of heater current to check heater and relay conditions
  • Automatic learn mode for heater currents at local voltage
  • Date and time indication
  • Adjustable high temperature and dew point alarm
  • Open thermocouple detection
  • Closed loop control of valve position
  • Actual fault indication – no codes to look up
  • Temperature calibration for ISO 9000
  • Optional Ethernet control
  • Event log
  • 5-year replacement warranty