Compressed Air Systems – Multiple Hoppers

CAHB series are complete with a compressed air Dri-Pack dryer built in-providing the hoppers with dry-40ºF air!

  • Dry different materials at different temperatures, simultaneously
  • Ideal for pre-drying resins for fast changeovers
  • Automatic air control to hoppers for easy, trouble free operation
  • Perfect for small tonnage machines
  • Eliminate downtime waiting for material to dry

System Features:

  • This self contained drying system is all you need for pre-drying materials for fast changeovers. Each hopper has its own booster heater and temperature controller so you can dry different materials at different temperatures simultaneously. The CAHB has a wide temperature range of 70ºF to 350ºF, no after-coolers are required.
  • The stainless steel, insulated drying hoppers are designed for easy cleaning and include a slide gate for draining. Quick clamps secure the hopper lid for easy access and cleaning.
  • The CAHB’s built in compressed air Dri-Pack dryer saves space by eliminating the need for an external desiccant dryer power pack. Membrane technology provides -40ºF dewpoints from your plants compressed air, making it capable of drying all kinds of materials.
  • Designed for trouble free, reliable operation, the Dri-Pack comes standard with a three year warranty. Scheduled maintenance is a simple matter of cleaning the hopper filters, as most moving parts have been eliminated.
  • To simplify operation, air flow to the hoppers is controlled automatically when the temperature controllers are turned on/off, eliminating the guess work associated with manual air valves. The CAHB’s central control panel contains the temperature controllers, control switches and high temperature alarm status panel. Installation is also simplified with one power and air connection.