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Dri-Air’s Crystalizing Dryer

Dri-Air’s popular hopper bank has been the answer for many processors who need to dry multiple batches of resins for small runs / lab applications and production requirements.   For processors who would like to crystalize small batches of PET and other amorphous resins, Dri-Air has integrated a closed loop dry-air recirculating system into the […]

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SmartView Desktop App Controls multiple dryers without walking the plant floor

Dri-Air is pleased to announce the latest innovation in dryer control – the SmartView Desktop App. This web-based application connects a companies’ dryers through each dryer’s unique IP address. It allows control over multiple dryers – from just one screen – without any need to walk the plant floor.   Available with the SmartTouch controlled […]

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Keeping your Clean room Clean and Green!

Desiccant dryers are configured to provide the drying hopper a continuous stream of low dew point air for fast, effective drying of hygroscopic resins. To achieve this, dryers utilize an automatic process where part of the moisture removal capacity is “on line” providing the drying hopper with dry air, while the other part is “off […]

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