E Series Portable Dryers


The E-Plus series dryers are the new standard in energy efficient dryers plus a whole lot more! From integrated loading systems, easy to use E Plus touch screen display and innovative material level control, the E Plus dryers are a welcome addition to any production facility.

Standard Features:

  • E-Plus Touch Screen Controller
  • Integrated Dri-Shot closed loop loader and hopper loading on the 50 & 100 series dryers
  • Automatic Slide Gate keeps material line clear, prevents moisture contamination
  • Parabolic Tower DesignSlide out take-off box for easy cleaning
  • Material level control displayed and set through the touch screen

Energy efficiency:

  • Unique heater design with a Parabolic regeneration chamber provides optimized air flow for un matched energy efficiency and maximum moisture pick up
  • Temperature based regeneration; adapts to ambient and material conditions
  • Single blower design will save up to 50% in energy costs
Dri-Link Mobile App provides remote access from mobile devices.

Dri-Link Mobile App provides remote access from mobile devices.

Parabolic Tower design

  • Dew points down to -90 F
  • Low, 105 F drying temperatures without an aftercooler!
  • Up to 350 F with after cooler
  • No moving parts

Standard benefits:

  • Stainless steel hoppers have laser-cut access doors which eliminate troublesome gaskets
  • Full-flo electric valve for bed switchover eliminates compressed air
  • Compact design saves valuable floor space
  • Convenient handles for easy mobility

E Plus dryer control with a bright, easy to read display provides easy access to drying and material level parameters.